A report from Peder Lichtenburg and his fellow angler Michael at Fryernings Fisheries, Essex UK: Peder has recently returned from a difficult trip to France in early May where a total of  9 carp were taken between the group of 4 over 14 days – but all over 40lb with the biggest being the Scar Fish again at 91 lb..

Here is Peder’s fascinating story from Fryernings:

I have for many years wanted to return and fish in the UK – And finally by chance, Simon Hammersley from DT Baits arranged with Fryernings Fisheries owner Chris Knowles, that he would allow us on the main lake for 3 nights. How could we say no - it was an exceptional chance to fish for some of the best looking carp in all of Essex! After a 16 hour drive from Denmark to the lake, we arrived very early on the Monday morning and the lake was already vey busy as you would expect. Michael and I used the first couple of hours walking the lake trying to figure out where to get our rods out… After seeing some good fish top out in the main body of water, we decided to go in the “point” swim, and after drawing straws we each got our gear set up each side of the point…

Now we had been informed that the lake was infested with huge amounts of big crayfish and after fishing many water around Europe with the same “problem” we had just the solution –  NoGo Bait Armour Pro a clear thick shrink-wrap and hopefully the carp would be able find the hookbaits, before the crays had demolished them. After finding some promising spots and baiting up – the three rigs were cast out ready for the first night.  At first light the rigs came in to inspect what damage the crayfish had done the rigs – and the verdict was that the rigs could not be left for more than 6 hours if we wanted to make sure that there was anything left for the carp! The other choice was to double wrap the hookbaits and puncture holes in the wrap to ensure that some attraction would leak into the water. We spent the most of the day talking to the other anglers around the lake and learned that there had been a 34lb and a 27lb mirrors caught the previous afternoon and evening – but most others had blanked. Getting the rods ready for the night I decided to push the distance to the limit as the carp were showing around 120 -130 yards out. I also changed over to a 22 mm N-Blend Bottom bait instead of the small white fluoro pop pups that I had used the night before. After clipping the correct distance up on the rods it was time to get the rigs out. My Century NG 12′ 3lb SU rod was compressed to the max and punched the 3 oz lead just past the marker at 120 yards – I felt the rig down and being happy with the position I put the rod on the ground and turned around to get some boilies so I could scatter some freebies around the rig. When I turned and looked out over the lake I found the marker float was gone! At first instant I thought that the line somehow had sunk over the marker braid and pulled the float down, but looking at my mainline I could see that it was pointing in the wrong direction, so I pulled it of the ground and bent into my first Fryernings carp – The fish had picked up the bait 30 seconds after it hit the deck! I called to Michael as I would need his assistance with the tangled marker rod, but luckily it freed itself quickly from the mainline and after a good scrap under the rod tip the carp was safely in the net. On the scales it went 32lb 4oz – a long classic looking carp and I was well pleased seeing it swim back into the depths after a couple of photos.

Peder Lichtenberg - 32lb 4oz

Peder Lichtenberg – 32lb 4oz

The rest of the rods went out in the dark – and Michael had already cast his rigs out at a distance with his ADV-1 rods, and we decided to go to sleep early as the rain had started to pour down. I had just fallen to sleep while reading a book, and a shout from Michael woke me up. He was into a good fish that had picked up his white 15mm doubblewrapped N-Blend pop up. The big fish kited left and he slowly inched it back towards the waiting net. Most of the time it kept its weight down and kept powering down the left bank and Michael had to dip the top of the rod to keep the line out of some overhanging willows. The Century ADV-1 rod was curved to its max as he just managed to keep the carp out of some sprouting Lilly pads and finally the carp slid into the waiting landingnet. It was a massive common and on the scales it went 41LB!

Michael with "Luke's Common" at 41lb

Michael with “Luke’s Common” at 41lb

After speaking to Chis he confirmed that it was one of the lakes most sought after carp known as Luke’s common – just amazing. What a night! Just shows that if you chase your luck – sometimes you catch it. Nothing was caught around the lake the last night – but that didn’t matter we were over the moon. We would like to thank Chris and his family for allowing us to fish the lovely lake, and the members we met for good company!

Tight lines Peder Lichtenberg