Since My first session success on Roach Pit where I had six bites of which I landed five, things have continued to go well for me. Over the last few weeks I have managed a further six fish to 43lb 11oz – a fish aptly named Sean’s fish.

Rig wise I have switched over from the Chod and have been using the Multi Rig more as the areas I have been fishing have allowed me to and in all honesty, if I can fish a safety clip set up rather than the Chod rig then I will.

The new Century ADV-1 carp rods that I am now using make casting at range so much easier than before. I always thought that the rods that I was using were good enough but since my involvement with Century I have come to realise just what I had been missing out on. They are pure class, simple as that!

Let’s hope things continue…