We are delighted to announce that big carp catching maestro Sean Leverett has joined the team here at Century Carp. For those of you who may not be familiar with Sean, he is a full time angler and fishes some of the toughest lakes in the country for some of the most sought after, thoroughbred English whackers in the game.

Sean is ultra popular with all those who know him, is a great addition to the team here at Century and needless to say we are very excited to have him on board. Sean has opted to use the awesome new Century ADV-1 carp rods for the vast majority of his fishing and has had a dream start with his new rods. Check out Sean’s first great report for us, we have a feeling it will be the first of many more to come….welcome aboard mate!

Report by Sean:

‘During my latest five night session on Cemex’s Roach Pit I managed two bites which fortunately resulted in both being landed. I had arrived at the lake early on the Monday morning and after a few hours of walking round in an attempt to find the fish I eventually settled on a swim known as the ‘Day Swim’. I had fished this swim the previous week and caught a fish known as the ‘Ornamental’ at 24lb 12oz and it seemed that the carp were still keen to be in this area.

I baited three spots with a mixture of boilies, pellet and hemp. Rigs were kept simple, a snow man hook bait on my right rod, a multi rig on my left rod and a chod rig on the centre. All rigs were constructed using ESP materials and attached to my new Century ADV-1 carp rods in 3.25lb test curve.

On the Tuesday morning the chod rod was away and this resulted in a 19lb 14oz fully scaled. Although only small I still wanted a few pictures as the fish was a stunner but as the light wasn’t the best I left the fish to recover fully in my Century net while I waited for the light to improve. While I was waiting the right rod ripped off and after a short scrap I netted a decent fish. It soon became clear that I had a fish known as ‘Orange Scale’ in the net and on the scales she went 38lb 10oz.

Although no more fish were forth coming, to have one of the “A Team” so soon into my campaign is a real boost for me. The rods played the fish perfectly, are a joy to use and I really can’t fault them.’