Century Media Coordinator Dave Springall enjoyed a little overnight success recently when he slipped the net under four carp in just a couple of hours. Dave was using Century FMA rods during the session.

Report by Dave:

I had not expected to be fishing but when my good lady decided to go and stay with her sister for a couple of nights and take the kids with her I thought it would be madness not to take advantage and get the rods out.

Arriving at Cleverley Top Lake just before dark it was warm, overcast and flat calm with no signs of life what so ever. After checking the weather it showed a moderate WSW wind due in the morning so I decided to set up in the swim on the end of where the wind was forecast. After an expected very quiet night and a decent sleep the weather man got it right for once as in the early hours a nice breeze started to drift into my swim. As the wind got stronger around 6.30am my middle rod ripped off without warning and I was soon staring at a spawned out 20lb common in the bottom of the net, which after my shocking run of poor form on overnighters of late was more than welcome.

I slipped him straight back without a photo and was in the middle of crimping a new rig on when the left hand rod tore off. This one fought really hard and weeded me up twice but the power in the Century FMA blank pulled it effortlessly from the weed both times. This time it was a mirror, again very skinny and spawned out but 20lb 8oz none the less. I made a half hearted attempt at a self take and got both rods out back on the spots as soon as I could and baited with around fifty baits per rod.

Just an hour or so later the middle rod was away again and this time I knew it was a better fish as soon as I lifted in to it. I must have only been two or three minutes into the fight when the left hand rod went in to meltdown too! Now I was in trouble, attached to a very powerful carp, which had again weeded me up solid for the time being while the other rod was striping across the lake at high speed. After a prolonged tussle and wiping out my third rod I finally managed to steer a decent looking common over the cord and immediately picked up the other rod to find that the carp gods had smiled on me and the other fish was somehow still attached after all that time. This one came in a lot easier and at this point I must thank one of the new members who came running round with his net to help me land the fish….top man! It turned out to be a real cracker known as the ‘Birthmark Linear’ and tipped the scales a little down in weight after spawning at 25lb 10 oz in pristine condition.

A few snaps were done before slipping the ‘Birthmark’ back safe and sound to her watery home. The common that was still sulking in the net turned out to be one I have never seen and even though again very empty still managed a respectable 30lb 2oz which was a great result for me after a couple of weeks lean spell. I even had another take whilst packing up from the same spot but this time it went straight through my other lines and unfortunately resulted in a loss.

It was my first time out with the super powerful Century FMA’s and I must stress that all these carp were hooked and played at very short range (under forty yards) and they handled the job amazingly well for such a powerhouse of a carp rod. These fish were all caught using Baitcraft’s T1 boilies and a mono rig comprising ESP end tackle components.