We have just heard from our friends in Europe that the Century ADV-1 was successfully used and highly regarded during a recent 94lb catch.

The Century ADV-1 was only launched a few months ago but there have already been some great reports and feedback by anglers using these rods, whether it be on typical UK venues taking all manner of size small doubles and old english classic mid thirties then also used on the bigger lakes in France where longer range fishing has been required. This rod is setting a great standard for an excellent value and very versatile UK manufactured carp rod.

We have only just finished this clip from a recent Century Neville product filming session but watch a prime example of the ADV-1 in action on a typical UK venue below.

Well that video is a nice catch caught relatively closein but below is a report from Peder Lichtenberg on their recent trip to France where the 94lb was caught using ADV-1 12′ 3.25lb:

We are 4 anglers at the lake near Dijon in France, It is our 6th year in a row, and again this year the fishing has been amazing with two 60’s and several 50’s plus high 40’s to all anglers. But the Dream is still swimming around out there in the clear water..

The days have passed quickly and we are well into Thursday evening, and the trip is coming to an end. I have just returned from a walk around the lake where I was hoping to get another glimpse of the big girl somewhere in the margins where I have seen it several time during the last few days. The carp started to spawn the night before and many of the bigger fish have been gathering in the marginal areas different places around the lake – but the mighty Queen of the lake had hid well from the smaller aggressive and virile male carp and was now nowhere to be seen.

Michael had been watching our rods during my walk, and he looked up from the book he was reading and asked if was about time to get some dinner ready? I nodded and walked towards my bivvy to get the cooking equipment, but I only made it to the door, when one of the Delkims behind me signaled a slow take. I quickly turned around to see that it was Michael’s rod that positioned over 200 yards away close to a bush that was away, and being closet I quickly grabbed the rod and flexed into the fish. Michael was next to me in seconds and took over, but the powerful fish made a long surge to left and he had to jump into the boat to gain line. After a couple of funny dance steps, Michael was in the boat making his way towards the fish and was quickly over the big carp, which was swimming heavily along the bottom.

In the binoculars, I could see that the rod was fully curved under the pressure, but there was no sign of surrender in the depths. Suddenly the carp started to tow the boat, and the only thing Michael could do was to keep the pressure on, while the fish slowly powered back towards the swim… He got a quick glimpse of the fish and shouts to me  “it’s big!” – well, that’s a surprise I thought to myself! I called back “is it THE big girl”?  “No I don’t think so” was the straight reply. Looking through the binoculars I could see the broad back of the carp break the surface and the characteristic split dorsal fin was slowly raised – “it is the big one!” Suddenly it became clear to the poor guy what he was hooked on to and I told him “just get it in the net” in a vain attempt to cool his nerves – it would be a disaster if he missed it right at the end. But cold as ice Michael battled on with the huge fish and after another 10 minutes of hard pressure it was all over as the massive carp slid over the net cord!

We waited on the bank to assist with the weighing and unhooking – there was no way that size 6 hook was coming out. On the scale it went 42.6 kilos or 94lb. The biggest carp ever caught by a Dane!! After a couple of quick shots she was returned to the water to spawn – what an end to an already crazy trip.