Stealth throwing sticks
Model Diameter Weight Price
Short 17mm 33g £129.90
Short 25mm 42g £134.90
High Trajectory 25mm 58g £139.90
High Trajectory 31mm 70g £149.90
Low Trajectory 25mm 58g £139.90
Low Trajectory 31mm 70g £149.90

The long awaited range of Century Stealth carbon throwing sticks are now available and initial users have been extremely impressed with the premium UK carbon finish and weight savings. There are six different sticks in the range comprising three different designs which will each be available and a range of diameters. The short range stick are suitable for distances around 60 yards are offered in 17mm and 25mm diameter options. The high trajectory stick available in 25mm and 31mm are easy to use and easily capable in the right hands of hitting distances around the 100 yard mark. The low trajectory although harder to use and only recommended for the more experienced throwing stick user certainly achieves distances in excess of 100 yards will be available in both 25mm and 31mm versions.

The low trajectory stick features both an elongated tip and increased progressive curve. These features really come into their own when firing boilies at long range, especially into a headwind with the more acute angle helping to reduce backspin and preventing ‘ballooning’ in flight, the main cause of lost distance and split baits.

In line with Century’s UK production ethos the full length, heavily padded Cordura cases are hand made by Cotswold Aquarius and come supplied with each stick as standard. The 3K carbon weave surface has been ground making the finish totally smooth and ridge free to match the quality of your carp rods. The short sticks weigh in at 33 grams and the medium sticks 58 grams and this enables longer more accurate baiting sessions with a much reduced fatigue factor and less likelihood of tendon pain when using plastic sticks.

Have a look at the video where Dave Springall and Jo Morgan discuss and demonstrate the Century Stealth sticks in great detail.

  • Close up of the Stealth throwing stick
  • Throwing stick carry case
  • Throwing stick handle