Century has teamed up with Ken South who is also closely linked with UK leading company  Kryston Advanced Angling.

Ken commented:

“If I was  asked to pick a word that best illustrates my individual approach to carp fishing I guess I would choose, consistent.

Nearly all of my fishing is short nights by this mean I often finish work at 02;00 hrs and I then fish from 03:00 through till 07:00 then its home to help with the cooking of breakfast and the daily school run etc. When not at work I ensure that my family are sound asleep and then I go fishing often arriving around 22:00hrs and I fish through till 07:00. I rarely fish longer sessions these days as to go fishing requires me consistently balancing a busy work schedule, along with a fulfilling family life.

This style of fishing requires a consistent level of organisation from ensuring you are familiar with your chosen venue and that you always have enough fresh bait, to fishing with the most minimalistic of kit. My rigs are also simplistic and tied to a consistent length and my presentations are always  well thought out. I rarely use a shelter because I have to be near the fish and this means mobility.

As you can see consistency is all part of the process that I now take for granted.

Although I take only the barest of tackle essentials every item of my kit retains another consistent and that is reliability and quality.

Century unquestionably provide both of those consistencies and I have used a variety of Century models over the last quarter of a century. Was that consistent use of the word Century”

Ken recently captured this canal Common on his NG+ rods.