Great news just received from Ardy Veltkamp. He was delighted to share with us this magnificant 72.6lb Mirror Carp taken early morning Saturday on his C2 carp rods while fishing in Eastern Europe. The full story from Ardy is below. To our knowledge we think it might be the biggest carp taken on a C2 since the launch of rod last summer but we would be happy if anyone wants to share with us their catches (smaller or bigger).

Not everyone can do what Ardy does but having the right equipment for the job certainly helps and Ardy was convinced the C2 had a big part in this catch as the playing action was electric and this fish took some work. Ardy owns and runs a gym as his fulltime job but why not also visit Ardy website to see his passion for carp angling

Report by Ardy Veltkamp:

Saturday April 7th we arrived in a special lake somewhere in East Europe for one week fishing after a long drive.

When we arrived everything looked really promising, the water temperature was 14 degrees with sunshine! I know from the past that with this water temperature there can be a switching point that the fish starts feeding good.

We didn’t want to disturb the fish so with my Century C2 rods I wanted to cover as much water as I could whether it is at range or closer in.

In the first 3 days we were fishing a shallow area with my mate, I had one of 7kg and one of 18.6 kg. Then a storm came in with a very cold wind and the water temperature dropped to 10 degrees and we knew we had to move to a deeper area off the lake. We found a place around 6 meters deep, my friend Marco wanted to fish the area from 2 till 4 meters deep. In this place he caught lots off carp, all over 10kg with lot between 15 and 19.9 kg. I only got one bite from the deeper part but a nice 19.6kg mirror.

However I kept on fishing the deeper part and was fully confident with the bait my mate Frank Warwick had sent over and was using Fruit Smoothy in combination with a white popup 15mm Fruit Juice. I was glad to have the 3.50lb C2 in combination with Shimano Technium magnesium reels and the new Ultima Power Carp Ultra 14 lb line as it was quite easy to reach 120 meters and get the bait in the deep part off the lake. I fished with a coated rig about 35 cm long and a size 6 special kamakatsu hook so does not mess up. When we had to leave on the Saturday 14th April in the morning at 6.30 my bite alarm went off and started slowly and then screamed off, yes it was the rod from the deepest part off the lake! The fight went all over and I had to put my rod under all the other rods.

My thoughts and plan were right, only one bite from this area but this felt good and a great test for the C2 as the fish had taken a lot of line! The fight was very stable and no knocks on the rod. Just from my experience in the past with big fish I somehow knew this was a big one and getting nervous but I couldn’t expect that it was going to be my new PB. When my friend netted the fish and tried to get it out of the water, he shouted me to give a hand, and then…. a monster came on the bank. After weighing the fish, 33.1KG / 72.6 lbs and with the length of 108CM this was my new record. What timing for it, taken just before we needed to head back home. I drove home with a big smile on my face, my fourth carp above 30KG and a new PB.