We are frequently asked for customised versions of our rods to suit individual angler’s specific requirements. We understand individuality and bespoke tackle is one way of expressing this appreciation of the finer things in life. We have therefore selected custom builders whose reputation and work is well known to us and we recommend their craftsmanship. They are knowledgeable and produce highly desirable rods. Century recommends that if you require a custom built version of the factory rod then you contact any of the builders listed below with confidence.

Century will continue making rods with custom reel seats such as SS20, AL20 and HB20 as factory options.

Tamas Hartmann

Tamas Hartmann “Harti” located in Hungary  stocks a range of Century factory finished rods but can also build Century blanks to your desired custom specification. With a good range of models available in store and a keen carp angler himlself Tamas store is well worth visiting in person to discuss most suited model for your requirements.

Website: www.rodland.hu

Telephone: 30-33-77-990