The Century SP design has progressively evolved through casting World Record distances to successfully handling World Record fish: we have now taken this range a stage further with the introduction of several improvements that deliver considerable benefits to the owner.

Over the past decade there have been several technical advances in composite fibre and resin matrix technology and the best of these have been incorporated into the SP. The carbon patterns are cut using a CAD CAM machine that holds extremely tight tolerances and this ensures the action and T/C is faithfully reproduced from rod to rod. Additionally SP’s are subject to our Autoclave Technology curing process which significantly reduces test curve decay. New to the latest generation of SP’s is Century’s Anti Twist Technology – ATT – which involves winding very fine carbon fibre prepreg around the internal circumference of the blank which radically assists ring alignment during the cast. We have used this technology to generate the longest casts ever made with a rod at International tournaments.

Century – through its sister company Komprex and close working relationship with carbon fibre and UK prepreg suppliers – has access to cutting edge materials technology that can be readily transferred to our ranges. The SP has benefited from advances in low density resins that bind the carbon fibre together and most importantly carry the load between the fibres. We optimise this level of resin matrix both at the impregnation stage and during the autoclave cure process. Low resin contents are great for poles where the loading is small but for highly dynamic long range rods – very low resin contents can mean reduced performance. If there is insufficient resin – the load between the fibres cannot be adequately carried. We have proven this fact with the longest casts ever made with a rod.

The balance and diameter of the SP is improved and with Century’s low scratch PTFE/Silicone finish – the look is sensational. The Century SP is fitted with the BB20 (Black version of the previous SB20), part Black Aluminium part Fuji DNPS reel seat. The blank features woven carbon from butt upto the first ring on the tip section. The surface finish is matt and sealed with PTFE/Silicone. All rods are supplied with size 50 ringing configurations. High tensile solid carbon spigot joint. S/U specification for longer casts without shock leader where there is a venue ban.


Century Technology Transfer

From tackle to race car

The Century SP features new grades and styles of carbon fibre that are directly interchangeable with high performance race car parts. We make structural components for these vehicles and more often than not an SP will be autoclaved cured along side a structure for some of the fastest vehicles on the planet. These special carbon fibres and the way we position them in Century SP deliver increased distance for equivalent power input – by storing and releasing the energy more efficiently given a reasonable casting style. Several of the worlds leading race car teams use our technology to enhance the performance and safety of their vehicles.

Our machined reel seats are built to the same high tolerances as car components and we use grades of carbon fibre and Zylon that are identically processed.

Comparison of a F1 race car component to a Century Carp SP rod

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  • Century Carp rod handle