Every so often a rod comes along that represents genuine advances in materials and design technology. It truly delivers benefits and advantages previously not available. It stems from expert angler input and cutting edge manufacturing. The Century Focal System (FS) is such a rod.

Century had already established critical development work on FoCal System in UKSF Tournament casting scene. This casting arena is internationally recognised as the toughest and most demanding test of rod design and technology. Rods are hammered and proven: many have tried to succeed but only a few UK manufacturers can claim to belong to the exclusive club of consistent winners. This experience was miniaturised and then optimised in a carp rod. Frank Warwick took the design principal and over several prototypes honed the Century FS carp rod into a highly effective rod with an emphasis on creating a great all rounder but also the best PVA bag and Method rod in the business. It features a complex but rewarding action that is progressive, forgiving and still capable of yielding breathtaking distance. Anglers have reported back significant distance improvements with little or no change in casting technique with conventional rigs and bags.

A slim parallel butt with FoCaL compound multi modulus carbon fibre patterns – precision cut on a Swiss CAD CAM machine and rolled on the very latest multi gimballing electric rolling table. Autoclaved for maximum life and resistance to Test Curve decay and incorporating our latest AT-T (Anti Twist Technology) to give stability during the cast and ultimate battle curve. The FS features a complex but rewarding action that is progressive, forgiving and still capable of generating huge casts. The ability to start with a neutral mandrel taper (parallel butt) enables us to design features into the action that is not possible with conventional tapered mandrels where the taper is a highly influential in the action of the rod.

The latest version of FS features Century’s durable matt finish that resists extended exposure to UVA sunlight, easy to keep looking good and is scratch resistant.

The Century FS is fitted with our modified Fuji fitting and stainless steel winch and collar – SB20 and the new surface finish utilizing a Class 1 motorsport 1k-1k carbon cloth – is silk matt in appearance – sealed with our UVA resistant silicon/PTFE finish. The Century FS has a discreet custom look with the FoCaL point highlighted at the mid position of the butt in a special black diamond surface print.

The guides are Century SiC over wrapped in black sealed in epoxy varnish. The area below the reel seat is 2k-2k carbon twill and we fit a JSR (Japanese shrink rubber) butt grip to generate a comfortable and ergonomic handle.


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